• Rex

    Located on Route 10 at Km 161, La Barra, REX -Best Chivito in Town-, is certainly a restaurant that is characterized by…

  • Medio y Medio

    Visiting Medio y Medio is a unique experience. The visitor seems a venture into the flavors and aromas of a bar in…

  • Tutta

    A restaurant specialized in grilled pizza, which also serves amazing salads and sandwiches. Rucula Pizza with dried tomatoes is the star of…

  • La Huella

    Located on José Ignacio, Playa Brava, “La Huella” is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. With a magnificent sea…

  • Leonardo Etxea

    Leonardo Etxea offers traditional Basque cuisine in Punta del Este. Among his specialties are black anchovies, snapper pink or sea cicadas with…

  • Napoleón

    As it’s name suggests, we are talking about a place with personality. Located in front the peninsula, Napoleon offered a good choice…

  • Popeye

    Simple and pleasant place, rather familiar, to enjoy a variety of foods ranging from fried calamari to different types of pasta. Among…


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Asado y Milonga
El Franchute

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Punta del Este Restaurants

Restaurants in La Barra

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Pizza Cero

This traditional Pizza house from Buenos Aires, now moves its doors to Punta del Este, as it’s been doing year...

Restaurants in La Punta

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View Point

In View Point visitors can enjoy an attractive Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Punta del Este. With an exclusive...

Restaurants in Jose Ignacio

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Following the style of Jose Ignacio, Lucy is a simple but charming place, well decorated, where all details are taken...

Restaurants in La Brava

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La Bourgogne

Recreating a corner of his hometown, Bourgogne, chef Jean-Paul Bondoux offers it’s authentic French cuisine seasoned with their own farm...

Restaurants in Punta Ballena

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Oliva & Sal


Oliva & Sal is a signature cuisine restaurant. A cozy and sophisticated space intending to perpetuate the spirit of Punta...