• La Pasiva (La Punta)

    If talking about Uruguayan traditions, La Pasiva does not need much introduction. The place is well maintained and attention is good and…

  • El Franchute

    El Franchute

    El Franchute is the only host’s table in Uruguay that offers traditional French bourgeois food. Located among forests, land and sea, it…

  • La Huella

    Located on José Ignacio, Playa Brava, “La Huella” is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. With a magnificent sea…

  • Marismo

    Trendy restaurant in Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este. A place that cohabits with the greens of vegetation, chairs and wooden tables, and…

  • Manantiales Point

    Located at the side of Route 10 between Bikini and Manantiales, this resto bar offers an alternative for each time of day.…

  • Pueblos

    Mexican cuisine to enjoy in Punta del Este. In a very well decorated place with a charming terrace, you can enjoy various…

  • Paulatino


    Magda Bocage offers it’s own style cuisine, a perfect blend of pleasure, where culinary delights and environment are fully connected. Homemade breads,…

  • Rody’s

    Rody’s is a “Casual Dining” restaurant. Located in Las Palmas commercial center in la Barra, offers Ribs, Burgers, Salads, Pasta, Seafood, among…

  • Calexico

    Calexico is an acronym for California (Cal) and Mexico (exico). The menu consists of fusion of these two regions meals. This restaurant…


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Asado y Milonga
El Franchute

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Punta del Este Restaurants

Restaurants in La Barra

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Located on Route 10 at Km 161, La Barra, REX -Best Chivito in Town-, is certainly a restaurant that is...

Restaurants in La Punta

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Los Caracoles

Resembling an old restaurant, “Los Caracoles” is a classic visit in Punta del Este. It was inaugurated in 1971 by...

Restaurants in Jose Ignacio

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A restaurant specialized in grilled pizza, which also serves amazing salads and sandwiches. Rucula Pizza with dried tomatoes is the...

Restaurants in La Mansa

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Pink is a restaurant that offers high-end cuisine in Punta del Este. Designed by Pillippe Stark, who counts among his...

Restaurants in La Brava

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Floreal Punta del Este


The hand-painted crockery, glassware French silver cutlery and fine linens, along with large and solid tables, complete the ideal setting...

Restaurants in Punta Ballena

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Bonet is an exclusive restaurant, distinguished for its cuisine by Chef Graciela Ferreres and high quality service. Waterfront is located...