• Barra Brava Casa de Mar

    This house converted into a hotel has 4 new suites are fully equipped. Located just meters from the Puente de la Barra,…

  • Shelton Hotel

    Shelton Hotel

    Strategically located in the heart of the peninsula, Shelton Hotel provides budget accommodation in Punta Del Este – Uruguay, and caters to…

  • Hotel San Marcos

    Hotel San Marcos

    Hotel San Marcos is one of the traditional hotels in Punta del Este, founded more than sixty years ago. Located in the…

  • Yoo

    Yoo Punta del Este offers 198 rooms with air-conditioned. The hotel have facilities like sauna, childcare, supervised children’s activities and baby-sitters. It…

  • F&F Hostel

    F&F Hostel

    F & F Hostel mantains the same idea than four years ago when it opened, being the first hostels in Punta del…

  • Cabañas del Potrero

    Cabañas del Potrero

    Cabañas del Potrero is a different concept apart from the traditional cabins. They are located in a special place, Ocean Park, where nature…


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Punta del Este Hoteles

Hoteles in La Punta

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Tas D’ Viaje Hostel

Tas D’ Viaje is probably one of the Best Located hostel in Punta del Este. Just 3 blocks walk from...

Hoteles in La Mansa

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Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel was born from an old flour mill founded in 1890. After becoming a busy trading port in Punta...

Hoteles in La Brava

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Il Belvedere Apart Hotel

Il Belvedere Apart Hotel

This apartment hotel enjoys natural surroundings such as sea and forest. The complex comprises 28 huts, which have been built...

Hoteles in Punta Ballena

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Terraza de Mar Hotel

Hotel Terraza del Mar was built in 1947. It is located on the beach in the residential area of Portezuelo,...

Hoteles in Maldonado

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Catedral Hotel

A place to feel at home. A family atmosphere close to the historic part of the city of Maldonado. Recommended...