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Punta del Este Hoteles

Hoteles in La Barra

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Victoria Fields Hotel & Resort

Situated in the heart of La Barra’s countryside, Victoria Fields Hotel & Resort offers rooms and bungalows with satellite TV....

Hoteles in Jose Ignacio

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Estancia Vik José Ignacio

Estancia Vik

The hotel is situated in a Spanish colonial-style building, designed by architect Marcelo Daglio. Located in Jose Ignacio, 40 minutes...

Hoteles in La Mansa

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Conrad Hotel

The hotel was opened in 1997 after 4 years of construction. It’s a 5 star category and has 296 rooms...

Hoteles in La Brava

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L’Auberge Hotel

As one of the oldest buildings in the area, the water tower hotel L’Auberge emerges majestically from the huge eucalyptus-scented...

Hoteles in Punta Ballena

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Cabañas del Potrero

Cabañas del Potrero

Cabañas del Potrero is a different concept apart from the traditional cabins. They are located in a special place, Ocean Park,...

Hoteles in Maldonado

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Catedral Hotel

A place to feel at home. A family atmosphere close to the historic part of the city of Maldonado. Recommended...