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Punta del Este Hoteles

Hoteles in La Barra

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Barra Brava Casa de Mar

This house converted into a hotel has 4 new suites are fully equipped. Located just meters from the Puente de...

Hoteles in La Punta

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Bonne Etoile

Bonne Etoile

This hotel was first built in 1976 and was remodelled in 1979 and is the ideal accommodation for those looking...

Hoteles in La Mansa

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Apart Hotel Aguila Dorada

Aguila Dorada Apart Hotel

Aguila Dorada Apart is located in a strategic point of the city, 5 minutes away from downtown Maldonado and 5...

Hoteles in Maldonado

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Catedral Hotel

A place to feel at home. A family atmosphere close to the historic part of the city of Maldonado. Recommended...