• Tô crosses borders with its original frapanese cuisine, bringing the best sushi and offering a perfect combination between two of the best…

  • Namm

    Another restaurant located within the forests of Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este. Its architecture is based on bamboo, replicating Oriental structures. Inside Namm…

  • Lucy

    Following the style of Jose Ignacio, Lucy is a simple but charming place, well decorated, where all details are taken care of.…

  • Boca Chica

    In one of the most privileged places of Punta del Este, just meters away from the port, it’s located restaurant Boca Chica.…

  • Oliva & Sal


    Oliva & Sal is a signature cuisine restaurant. A cozy and sophisticated space intending to perpetuate the spirit of Punta Ballena today…

  • El Franchute

    El Franchute

    El Franchute is the only host’s table in Uruguay that offers traditional French bourgeois food. Located among forests, land and sea, it…

  • Paulatino


    Magda Bocage offers it’s own style cuisine, a perfect blend of pleasure, where culinary delights and environment are fully connected. Homemade breads,…

  • Leonardo Etxea

    Leonardo Etxea offers traditional Basque cuisine in Punta del Este. Among his specialties are black anchovies, snapper pink or sea cicadas with…


Most Recommended Restaurants

Asado y Milonga
El Franchute

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Punta del Este Restaurants

Restaurants in La Barra

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Pizza Cero

This traditional Pizza house from Buenos Aires, now moves its doors to Punta del Este, as it’s been doing year...

Restaurants in La Punta

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La Stampa

La Stampa is an Italian ristorante in Punta del Este, located in front of El Emir beach. With its outdoor...

Restaurants in Jose Ignacio

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Puerto Luna

The sea, sand, flora and fauna make the natural environment of Puerto Luna. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes...

Restaurants in La Brava

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Swiss Bungalow

Among those classics of Punta del Este, one you can not miss, is the Swiss Bungalow. The same is located...

Restaurants in Punta Ballena

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Medio y Medio

Visiting Medio y Medio is a unique experience. The visitor seems a venture into the flavors and aromas of a...